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 Muslim Male 50 years Divorced Kashmiri Speaking other Others live in Bradford United Kingdom Registration No:  M-82523
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M-82523 is Our Confirmed Member.
Main Information
 Registration No.   M-82523
 Gender   Male
 Age   51   years
 Marital Status   Divorced  | Child: 2
 Mother Tongue   Kashmiri
 Religion   Muslim
 Education   otherIT Advance,electronic,computer,English.Urdu,Arbic,Quranic,Hadith,Tafseer,40times mahmed(pbu)visted dream bushrive.
 Profession   Others
 City   Bradford
 Nationality   United Kingdom
 Guardian   Self
 Guardian City   Bradford
 Last Login time   23 - Feb - 2018

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About My Likes / Dislikes
About Family VansRajupt muslim average social econimical culture gensis mind capital reserve mangle dame village pothatown distic mirpur
About Previous Marriage Ignorent trachoursley orginsed unhealthy sex life seeker,to succed future childern and everlasting life partner
About Yourself Round radius character knowledge struggle capital building state Arabic life rescue future(underwear no less than 4to6 inch against each other male female vice versa)
Social Background
 Religion   Muslim
 Maslak   Other Maslak
 Mother Tongue   Kashmiri
Family Background
 Family Values   Liberal
 Grand Father (Dada)  Belongs   Punjab
 Grand Father (Nana)  Belong   Punjab
 Belonging Location  
Qualification / Profession
 Qualification   IT Advance,electronic,computer,English.Urdu,Arbic,Quranic,Hadith,Tafseer,40times mahmed(pbu)visted dream bushrive. : other
 Profession   Others: Work and pension disabled
 Monthly Income   1300000 Pakistani Rupees
Physical Appearance
  Body Type   Slim
  Height   6ft - 182cm
  Complexion   Fair
  Parda   Religious
  Beard   Religious
  Addiction   None
  Disability   Minor disability Alzimers chased to severe temporal sometime learnt to control and behavrical,watched and monitored and supported by social services and area Doctrine social philosophical control mangrove and welfare support,£14000 Disability payment per
Family Relation
  Position of Candidate   1st
  No.of Brothers   4
  No.of Sisters   4
  Married Brothers   4
  Married Sisters   3
About Partner Likes / Dislikes
   Over matric or BA degree acceptable ,you should always resolve talk on telephone or email messages,you should be good looking and promote education as British government requirement .I am sorry to mention bit illegal word but sorrowfully I had to say word in my like and dislike Coleman which was cause of my past marriage breakdown ,Hathaway I mentioned I am sorry as I can not edit any more .I admit you accept my appology.plz make note I mentioned in upper column box graph which not editable(reminder:plz you should not be less than5" to6" for medical reason which are monitored by solicited method,and be healthful).Aslamoalikum.
Partner's Main Info.
 Married Accepted  
 Foreign Proposal  
 Parda Accepted  
 Family Values   Doesnt Mater,
Partner's Details
 Cast   Doesnt Mater
 Country   Doesnt Mater
 State   Doesnt Mater
 Education   Doesnt Mater,
 Profession   Doesnt Mater,
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