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If you still have any problem  then call at 0092-21-36013144
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Member : A member is the person who Login at our website via his email address. A member can register one or more candidates. A member can register his family member, relative, friend or neighbour. Member can also register him/herself. A member can register his/her friend or relative who does not have the computer or internet service. It is not needed to login by different email id's to register multiple candidates. You can register multiplecandidates via one email address. The edit/delete option will also provided by the website for these candidate profiles. Every candidate registered through an individual registration number. It is needed to fill up Membership Form for membership. You will get an email after filling membership form. After clicking the link in the email you will be a member of Pakrishta.

Candidate :  A candidate is the person who registered in Pakrishta. We provide the details of candidate on our website without address or contact number. Incomplete or doubtful profiles are rejected. We confirm some of the details of candidate from guardian via telephone if needed.

Guardian :  A guardian is the person who talk in behalf of the candidate for proposals and marriage. If multiple candidates registered through one member then their guardian could be one or different. The name and contact number of guardian is compulsory for registration. We will not accept the the registration form without guardian name or contact number. The member could be the guardian of the candidate. (but it is not necessary)

Method Via Email And Telephone : Mostly the marriage is arrange by parents or guardian in Pakistan, though there is a lot of people of that generation not familiar with computer or internet. So, we provided our services through telephone also. For that purpose it is necessary to provide the name, address and telephone number of parent or guardian. Also confirm your telephone number for registration.

Registration :   The registration form is consist of two pages. Page 1 is for the basic details of candidate and the name of parent or guardian is include in next page. It is necessary to fill up both the pages for registration. Fill up the registration form. We check the details provide by you and will Approve it if both the form pages are complete. It could take about 24 hours. Only the Approved forms will show on the website. Incomplete or doubtful forms will be delete.

Telephone Number Confirmation:  The process of telephone number confirmation is that you have to call us from the same number which is mention in your form as your guardian's number. Our telephone number for confirmation call is 0092-331-2273951. Tell us your candidate registration number and guardian name on the mentioned number or SMS us at the same number. We confirm your candidate profle after your call or SMS.

(Note) :  We publish the details of candidates on our website without name, email id, address or contact number. Only our Paid members can get the contact numbers and email ids. It is restricted here to register just for enjoyment. That's why it is necessary to provide the name and contact number of guardian, and one also has to confirm the telephone number of guardian/parent. For other queries feel free to contact us in office timings during 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at these numbers:

If you still have any problem  then call at 0092-21-36013144

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