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Married/Divorced/Widow female -  
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F-40634 16-Nov-2011
Female    Divorced  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  B.A library information science in Bachelors  None  live inLahore
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-40590 15-Nov-2011
Female    Divorced  29  years  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Urdu Speaking  inter in Inter  None  live inLahore
An educated, independent, well establish person who can support his family by hi... View Profile
F-40548 14-Nov-2011
Female    Separated  35  years  Muslim  Other  Arain  Punjabi Speaking  Masters in Education, M.Sc Pak Studies, B.Ed in Masters  None  live inLahore
Loving and caring View Profile
F-40545 14-Nov-2011
Female    Divorced  30  years  Muslim  Shia  Syed  Urdu Speaking  Office mamagment  None  live inLahore
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-40397 12-Nov-2011
Female    Divorced  47  years  Muslim  Shia  Rizvi  Urdu Speaking  Inter in Inter  None  live inKarachi
Good character View Profile
F-39995 02-Nov-2011
Female    Divorced  43  years  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Punjabi Speaking  MA Art in Masters  None  live inStockton
Looking a honest, loyal and educated person for marriage. View Profile
F-39894 30-Oct-2011
Female    Divorced  32  years  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Urdu Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  None  live inPanama...
Good and open mind and respect and good look and adobe my son View Profile
F-39856 29-Oct-2011
Female    Divorced  42  years  Christian      Urdu Speaking  BA in Bachelors  None  live inLahore
Should be honest, great sense of humor and can live with me in good or bad time. View Profile
F-39743 26-Oct-2011
Female    Divorced  34  years  Muslim  Sunni  Khan  Urdu Speaking  Pharm-D in Masters  None  live inHyderabad
Should be loyal View Profile
F-39695 26-Oct-2011
Female    Divorced  35  years  Muslim  Deobandi  Bihari  Urdu Speaking  I.Com in Inter  None  live inKarachi
Sincere View Profile
F-39673 25-Oct-2011
Female    Married  41  years  Muslim  No Maslak Belief  Ansari  Urdu Speaking  Bachelor in Bachelors  None  live inLahore
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-39652 25-Oct-2011
Female    Divorced  42  years  Muslim  Sunni  Siddiqui  Urdu Speaking  MBBS in MBBS  None  live inMultan
He Should Be Loving And Caring Person.educated And Age Up To 40 View Profile
F-39342 18-Oct-2011
Female    Widower  42  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  Intermediate in Inter  None  live inKarachi
Aisa sathi chaiye Jo mere aur mere bachon ka sahara ban sakay View Profile
F-39334 18-Oct-2011
Female    Widow  42  years  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Urdu Speaking  B.Com in Bachelors  None  live inKarachi
Compatible, caring, responsible and age between 38-45 years.. View Profile
F-39307 17-Oct-2011
Female    Divorced  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Memon  Urdu Speaking  MBA (Finance) in MBA  None  live inHyderabad
He should be a sincere and loving person View Profile
F-39281 17-Oct-2011
Female    Divorced  37  years  Muslim  Sunni  Butt  Urdu Speaking  Bachelor in Arts in Bachelors  None  live inGujranwala
Sincere and loving View Profile
F-39271 17-Oct-2011
Female    Divorced  38  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  MA English in Masters  None  live inLahore
Loving Caring Respectful View Profile
F-39258 16-Oct-2011
Female    Divorced  35  years  Muslim  Shia    Urdu Speaking  BA in Bachelors  None  live inSan Bernardino
Down to earth, nice family, good sense of humor View Profile
F-38918 10-Oct-2011
Female    Separated  38  years  Muslim  Sunni  Siddiqui  Urdu Speaking  Graduate in Bachelors  None  live inKarachi
Normal values View Profile
F-38870 10-Oct-2011
Female    Widow  43  years  Muslim  Sunni  Jutt  Punjabi Speaking    None  live inRawalpindi
Honest humble View Profile
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