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Married/Divorced/Widow female -  
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F-16119 13-Jan-2010
Female    Divorced  41  years  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Urdu Speaking  B.A in Bachelors    live inLahore
I m looking for considerable, sincere and honest person to share my life. View Profile
F-16076 13-Jan-2010
Female    Separated  34  years  Muslim  Sunni  Gujjar  Seraiki Speaking  BSc in Bachelors  None  live inRawalpindi
Good looking View Profile
F-15814 10-Jan-2010
Female    Divorced  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Urdu Speaking  Intermediate, Alima in Inter  None  live inLahore
Should be caring, loving, very respectable and honest person. He must be earn mo... View Profile
F-15771 09-Jan-2010
Female    Widow  38  years  Muslim  Sunni  Shaikh  Urdu Speaking  BA in Bachelors  None  live inKarachi
Who can care and protect me and my daughter. View Profile
F-15580 07-Jan-2010
Female    Divorced  48  years  Muslim  Sunni  Mughal  Punjabi Speaking  Uneducated  None  live inMirpur
Married, unmarried, divorced. View Profile
F-15534 06-Jan-2010
Female    Divorced  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Punjabi Speaking  MCS in Masters  None  live inRawalpindi
Educated, from Rawalpindi or Islamabad, must be religious, saying daily five tim... View Profile
F-15517 06-Jan-2010
Female    Married  38  years  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Urdu Speaking  Masters in Masters  None  live inKarachi
Fair, confident and self depended male. View Profile
F-15474 05-Jan-2010
Female    Separated  32  years  Muslim  Sunni  Jutt  Punjabi Speaking  Engineering in Engineer  None  live inKarachi
Honest, sensible, suitable match required and only Punjabi speaking. View Profile
F-15390 04-Jan-2010
Female    Widow  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Malik  Urdu Speaking  Graduation in Bachelors  None  live inQuetta
Handsome and sincere. I want my husband has no wife. View Profile
F-15354 04-Jan-2010
Female    Divorced  38  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  BSC in Bachelors  None  live inKarachi
My parents want my life partner is religoius. View Profile
F-15136 01-Jan-2010
Female    Separated  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Jutt  Punjabi Speaking  F.A - Intermediate in Inter  None  live inFaisalabad
We are looking for religious, Muslim, Sunni groom, from Allah fearing and well r... View Profile
F-14687 26-Dec-2009
Female    Divorced  40  years  Muslim  Sunni  Malik  Punjabi Speaking  Graduation in Bachelors  None  live inFaisalabad
Honest, unmarried or married so he has no wife and no kid, good business or good... View Profile
F-14557 24-Dec-2009
Female    Divorced  33  years  Muslim  Sunni  Shaikh  Urdu Speaking  Inter in Inter  None  live inKarachi
Loving and caring person. View Profile
F-14465 23-Dec-2009
Female    Divorced  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Jutt  Seraiki Speaking  Masters in Commerce in Masters  None  live inMultan
We are looking for an honest, simple, educated and respectable family preferably... View Profile
F-14449 22-Dec-2009
Female    Divorced  32  years  Muslim  Sunni  Kakay Zai  Pashto Speaking  Inter in Inter  None  live inKarachi
Mature, understanding, accept my son with heart, well income and own house. View Profile
F-14314 20-Dec-2009
Female    Divorced  38  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  B.Com in Bachelors    live inKarachi
I want a reliable, good looking, responsible, loving, caring, having valued, cul... View Profile
F-14077 16-Dec-2009
Female    Separated  32  years  Muslim  Sunni    Urdu Speaking  Bachelors in Bachelors  None  live inIslamabad
Sincere person who is settled in United Kingdom or United States. View Profile
F-13879 13-Dec-2009
Female    Married  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  Inter FA  None  live inKarachi
Simple. View Profile
F-13867 13-Dec-2009
Female    Married  51  years  Muslim  Shia  Naqvi  Urdu Speaking  B.A  None  live inKarachi
To adopt islamic ideology in life. View Profile
F-13783 12-Dec-2009
Female    Separated  37  years  Muslim  Sunni  Qureshi  Urdu Speaking  B.Ed in Bachelors  None  live inKarachi
Taleem yaafta ho aur khouf-e khuda ho us ky dil mein. View Profile
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