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Married/Divorced/Widow female -  
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F-20125 26-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  37  years  Muslim  Sunni  Abbasi  Urdu Speaking  Masters in Masters  None  live inIslamabad
He should be simple and honest. Easily understand me and respect my love ones. View Profile
F-20070 25-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  37  years  Muslim  No Maslak Belief  Bajwa  Punjabi Speaking  MBA in Masters  None  live inSialkot
Must be qualified and of government employee View Profile
F-20007 23-Apr-2010
Female    Separated  33  years  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Punjabi Speaking  B.A  None  live inIslamabad
He should honest, good nature, caring, and good looking. View Profile
F-19905 20-Apr-2010
Female    Separated  41  years  Muslim  Sunni  Cheema  Punjabi Speaking  MA English TOFEL in Masters  None  live inSargodha
Loving, caring and who is not proud or miser. I hate miserly people. View Profile
F-19835 18-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  43  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Punjabi Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  None  live inKarachi
Should be honest and loving. View Profile
F-19731 15-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  42  years  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Urdu Speaking  FSc in Inter  None  live inKarachi
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-19709 14-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  40  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  Inter, IT in Inter  None  live inKarachi
I want just Sunni and living in Karachi. Have a good job and have good manners. View Profile
F-19686 13-Apr-2010
Female    Widow  40  years  Muslim  Sunni  Shaikh  Punjabi Speaking  M.A in Masters  None  live inMultan
He is well educated, polite, religious mind, caring, noble, handsome, decent and... View Profile
F-19653 12-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  43  years  Muslim  Sunni  Chaudhry  Urdu Speaking  MBBS in MBBS  None  live inMultan
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-19615 12-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  39  years  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Urdu Speaking  BA (Hons) in Honors  None  live inLahore
He must be sincere, loving and sensible besides being educated ! View Profile
F-19391 06-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  45  years  Muslim  Sunni  Jutt  Punjabi Speaking  Masters in Masters  None  live inIslamabad
Loving, caring, decent and understanding. View Profile
F-19387 06-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  43  years  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Punjabi Speaking  M.A in Masters  None  live inCardriff
Good looking, sincere and kind hearted. View Profile
F-19363 06-Apr-2010
Female    Divorced  37  years  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Punjabi Speaking  M.Sc (Mass Communication) in Masters  None  live inFaisalabad
Should be caring and respectful. Divorced/widowers accepted with no children. View Profile
F-18980 27-Mar-2010
Female    Separated  44  years  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Punjabi Speaking  BSc in Bachelors  None  live inRawalpindi
Caring, loving and sincere. View Profile
F-18284 10-Mar-2010
Female    Divorced  38  years  Muslim  Sunni  Shaikh  Urdu Speaking  MA in Masters  None  live inKarachi
Educated, simple and religious. View Profile
F-18259 09-Mar-2010
Female    Separated  48  years  Muslim  Deobandi  Arain  Punjabi Speaking  F.A in Inter  None  live inGujranwala
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-18141 07-Mar-2010
Female    Divorced  34  years  Muslim  Sunni  Awan  Punjabi Speaking  BA in Bachelors  None  live inIslamabad
Nice. View Profile
F-18122 06-Mar-2010
Female    Divorced  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Other  Punjabi Speaking  Masters in Masters  None  live inIslamabad
Must be caring, loving, understanding, knows how to respect and take care of his... View Profile
F-17648 25-Feb-2010
Female    Divorced  38  years  Muslim  Shia  Syed  Urdu Speaking  B.A  None  live inMirpur
He should be honest, loving and caring. View Profile
F-17461 21-Feb-2010
Female    Divorced  47  years  Muslim  Sunni  Shaikh  Urdu Speaking  BA in Bachelors    live inKarachi
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
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