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Married/Divorced/Widow female -  
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F-31027 16-Feb-2011
Female    Widow  46  years  Muslim  Shia  Jutt  Punjabi Speaking  MSc in Masters  None  live inLahore
Cooperative well mannered & considerate reliable person. View Profile
F-30885 13-Feb-2011
Female    Divorced  48  years  Muslim  Sunni  Siddiqui  Urdu Speaking  Masters in Masters  None  live inAstoria
I like partner soft spoken and friendly and handsome too. View Profile
F-30771 09-Feb-2011
Female    Divorced  43  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  None  live inKarachi
Honest. View Profile
F-30730 08-Feb-2011
Female    Divorced  38  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  MA in Masters  Left hand got cut in accident  live inRawalpindi
Simple, honest and caring. View Profile
F-30362 29-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking  BA in Bachelors  None  live inHyderabad
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-30262 26-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  50  years  Muslim  Sunni  Bhatti  Urdu Speaking  MBA in Masters  None  live inWarminster
Loving, caring and understand the values of life. View Profile
F-29973 17-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  42  years  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Punjabi Speaking  Intermediate in Inter  None  live inLahore
Single, divorced or late marriage. View Profile
F-29959 17-Jan-2011
Female    Widow  41  years  Muslim  Sunni  Other  English Speaking  Nurse  None  live inParis
An honest, caring, understanding, man that trying to find long lasting connectio... View Profile
F-29946 16-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  44  years  Muslim  Sunni  Jutt  Punjabi Speaking  FA in Inter  None  live inLahore
Loving and caring View Profile
F-29839 13-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  31  years  Muslim  Sunni  Shaikh  Urdu Speaking  B.Sc and Diploma in Teaching in Diploma  None  live inKarachi
Good looking and honest. View Profile
F-29801 12-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  33  years  Muslim  Sunni  Other  Urdu Speaking  Inter in Inter  None  live inKarachi
Should be loving. View Profile
F-29793 12-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  42  years  Muslim  Sunni  Siddiqui  Urdu Speaking  MBA in Masters  None  live inKarachi
He should be smart, professionally sound and honest person. View Profile
F-29673 08-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  48  years  Muslim  Sunni  Awan  Hindko Speaking  FA in Inter  None  live inMayen
I want to share my life with a good, smart and a caring life partner. View Profile
F-29649 07-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  35  years  Muslim  Sunni  Hyderabadi  Urdu Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  None  live inKarachi
Loving, caring, respectfully, respect me and my family, support me alot any reas... View Profile
F-29617 06-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  30  years  Muslim  Deobandi  Farooqui  Urdu Speaking  Inter in Inter  None  live inKarachi
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-29608 05-Jan-2011
Female    Divorced  36  years  Muslim  Sunni  Pathan  Urdu Speaking  MA, LLB in LLB  None  live inLahore
My partner should be sincere, loving, loyal, caring and have mature thoughts. He... View Profile
F-29284 25-Dec-2010
Female    Married  38  years  Muslim  Shia  Syed  Seraiki Speaking  FA in Inter  None  live inMultan
Sincere, faithful, honest, good human View Profile
F-29279 25-Dec-2010
Female    Divorced  31  years  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Urdu Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  None  live inLahore
Presentable Personality. View Profile
F-29240 23-Dec-2010
Female    Married  38  years  Muslim  Deobandi  Shoro  Urdu Speaking  Matric in Matric  None  live inLahore
Well established, financially strong, strong family values. View Profile
F-29209 22-Dec-2010
Female    Divorced  49  years  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Hindko Speaking  Matirc in Matric  None  live inKarachi
Caring and except my children. View Profile
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