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Mental Or Physical Disordered Male Female - Mental Or Physical Disabled 
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M-20699 10-May-2010
Male    UnMarried  33  years  Muslim  Sunni   Rajput   Urdu Speaking  MBA (Marketing) in Masters  White patches on skin.  live in Islamabad
Must be confident and good looking. View Profile
F-20670 09-May-2010
Female    UnMarried  38  years  Muslim  Sunni   Pathan   Punjabi Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  Use Air Tune  live in Muzaffargarh
Religious. View Profile
M-20658 09-May-2010
Male    UnMarried  37  years  Muslim  Sunni   Shaikh   Urdu Speaking  B.Com in Bachelors  Right hand 1 finger half cut due to accident.  live in Karachi
Good looking, well mannered and caring. View Profile
F-19097 30-Mar-2010
Female    UnMarried  25  years  Muslim  Sunni   Jutt   Punjabi Speaking  Nil  Dumb and deaf.  live in Karachi
Good person. View Profile
F-18471 14-Mar-2010
Female    UnMarried  34  years  Muslim  Sunni     Urdu Speaking  M.A Education in Masters  Affected 1 ear in childhood from severe temperature. But now she is alright coz she uses hearing aid in his 1 ear which is unseen able to others.  live in Sahiwal
He should be honest and loyal to his family. View Profile
M-17283 15-Feb-2010
Male    UnMarried  33  years  Muslim  Sunni   Other   Punjabi Speaking  B.Com in Bachelors  Both leg polio affected.  live in Lahore
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-17252 15-Feb-2010
Female    UnMarried  38  years  Muslim  Sunni   Rajput   Punjabi Speaking  Masters In Islamiat in Masters  Minor foot problem.  live in Rawalpindi
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-17245 14-Feb-2010
Female    UnMarried  39  years  Muslim  Sunni   Mughal   Urdu Speaking  Bachelors in Bachelors  Deaf by birth  live in Lahore
We are looking for a decent groom for her, he may be deaf but a normal person to... View Profile
F-16810 02-Feb-2010
Female    UnMarried  39  years  Muslim  Sunni   Bhatti   Punjabi Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  little deviation of angle of mouth  live in Sukkur
He should be very educated and sincere and having a good job. View Profile
F-16750 31-Jan-2010
Male    UnMarried  38  years  Muslim  Sunni   Malik   Urdu Speaking  BCS in Computer Engineer  Little sound problem  live in Sahiwal
Decent, loving and caring. View Profile
M-16716 30-Jan-2010
Male    Divorced  67  years  Muslim  Sunni   Rajput   Seraiki Speaking  D.A.E (Electrical) in Diploma  Ear weaks only  live in Bahawalpur
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-16469 24-Jan-2010
Female    UnMarried  30  years  Muslim  Sunni   Yousaf Zai   Urdu Speaking  BSc 3rd year Home Economics in Bachelors  chilhood epilepsy  live in Karachi
She belongs to a simple and noble family. View Profile
M-16260 17-Jan-2010
Male    UnMarried  38  years  Muslim  Sunni   Awan   Punjabi Speaking in Bachelors  Left leg disability  live in Islamabad
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
M-16113 13-Jan-2010
Male    UnMarried  32  years  Muslim  No Maslak Belief   Bhatti   Seraiki Speaking  M.Com in Masters  Disable from left leg  live in Multan
Honest and sincere View Profile
M-16042 12-Jan-2010
Male    UnMarried  47  years  Muslim  Sunni   Baloch   Brahui Speaking  BA in Bachelors  Mentally challenged due to accident  live in Gwadar
A real and honest female. I am looking for a girl or woman as friendly life part... View Profile
M-16027 12-Jan-2010
Male    UnMarried  34  years  Muslim  Sunni   Baloch   Sindhi Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  Mentally challenged from birth  live in Karachi
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
M-15934 11-Jan-2010
Male    UnMarried  30  years  Muslim  No Maslak Belief   Rajput   Urdu Speaking  FSC, Civil Draft Man with Quantity Survery in Inter  Mentally challenged from birth  live in Jhang Sadr
Looking good and english speaking or Urdu speaking. View Profile
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