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Mental Or Physical Disordered Male Female - Mental Or Physical Disabled 
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M-35614 30-Jun-2011
Male    UnMarried  42  years  Muslim  Sunni   Khattak   Pashto Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  Left leg Polio from childhood  live in Islamabad
She should be educated Matric, Inter or Graduate and should be nice and religiou... View Profile
F-35377 22-Jun-2011
Female    UnMarried  40  years  Muslim  Sunni   Ansari   Urdu Speaking  M.A in Masters  Minor curve on back of right shoulder due to Polio. Can work and walk normally with out any support  live in Karachi
Sincere, honest, loving and caring View Profile
M-35141 14-Jun-2011
Male    UnMarried  31  years  Muslim  Sunni   Kiyani   Punjabi Speaking  Bcom in Post Graduate  Polio. I can walk on Foot but I can move by using sticks  live in Islamabad
Caring and loving View Profile
M-34962 07-Jun-2011
Male    Married  39  years  Muslim  Sunni   Rajput   Urdu Speaking  Textile engineer in Engineer  Left Eye Not Working Properly  live in Islamabad
My partner should be a major disable and foreign national View Profile
M-34634 27-May-2011
Male    UnMarried  26  years  Muslim  Deobandi   Rajput   Urdu Speaking  BBA (hons) doing in Honors  I have not right arm. It cut in accident  live in Multan
I want true lover. View Profile
M-34621 27-May-2011
Male    Married  48  years  Muslim  Sunni   Chandio   Sindhi Speaking  B.A. Economics, omputer Diploma in Bachelors  Minor disability in foot due to Polio when I was 2 years  live in Badin
Honest. View Profile
M-34593 26-May-2011
Male    UnMarried  30  years  Muslim  Sunni   Mughal   Punjabi Speaking    Eyes Weak  live in Kharian
Compromise able. View Profile
F-33912 08-May-2011
Female    UnMarried  32  years  Muslim  Deobandi   Rajput   Punjabi Speaking  Masters of History/Masters of Education in Masters  White dots on hands and foot  live in Lahore
Honest and fair. View Profile
M-33452 24-Apr-2011
Male    UnMarried  45  years  Muslim  No Maslak Belief   Mughal   Other Speaking  F.A in Inter  My sister is mentally Abnormal  live in Sialkot
She should be open minded and good nature and cooperative because my sister is d... View Profile
M-33427 24-Apr-2011
Male    UnMarried  33  years  Muslim  Deobandi   Awan   Punjabi Speaking  Masters in Masters  Albunism Wear Glasses of +3.5  live in Panoakil
She must be most beautiful physical and morally and religious minded virgin. View Profile
M-33424 23-Apr-2011
Male    UnMarried  43  years  Muslim  Sunni   Khattak   Pashto Speaking  Master in Masters  Blind On One Eye  live in United Kingdom
Can S peek Pashto and Belong From Chatral View Profile
M-33273 19-Apr-2011
Male    UnMarried  37  years  Muslim  Sunni   Qurashi Hashmi   Punjabi Speaking  F.A in Inter  I am patient of Asthama.  live in Jhang
Want Just loving partner. View Profile
F-32954 12-Apr-2011
Female    UnMarried  38  years  Muslim  Sunni   Shaikh   Urdu Speaking  Graduate in Bachelors  In accident an upper side of right ear has gone.  live in Karachi
Belong from a good and well educated family. Earn reasonable to support his fami... View Profile
M-32509 03-Apr-2011
Male    Married  38  years  Muslim  Sunni   Other   Urdu Speaking  Graduation in Bachelors  Speech Problem (Haklahat)  live in Karachi
I want a Barelvi maslak woman and financially support me. View Profile
M-32227 27-Mar-2011
Male    Married  47  years  Muslim  Sunni   Arain   Punjabi Speaking  B.A in Bachelors  Right leg polio affected  live in Lahore
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
M-32130 25-Mar-2011
Male    Separated  51  years  Muslim  Deobandi   Khan   Urdu Speaking  I. Com in Inter  I have an accident of my left knee so I could not bend  live in Karachi
Simple And Cooperative. View Profile
M-32010 22-Mar-2011
Male    UnMarried  35  years  Muslim  Sunni   Ansari   Seraiki Speaking  B. Com in Bachelors  I got a road accident in which i got my knee muscles cut off. I cant run but by the grace of almighty ALLAH, there is no lambing as i walk  live in Khushab
A true life partner not a lire View Profile
M-31800 15-Mar-2011
Male    UnMarried  34  years  Muslim  Sunni   Ansari   Urdu Speaking  Inter in Inter  Yes, problem in legs and hands muscles  live in Karachi
Honest, loving and caring. View Profile
F-31770 15-Mar-2011
Female    UnMarried  45  years  Muslim  Sunni   Khan   Punjabi Speaking  Masters in Maths in Masters  I have minor disability in left leg due to polio.  live in Hyderabad
He must be a good human and understand the religion right ways. View Profile
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