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Mental Or Physical Disordered Male Female - Mental Or Physical Disabled 
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M-79508 27-Nov-2014
Male    UnMarried  33  years  Muslim  Wahabi   Dont Believe   Urdu Speaking  Master degree holder in Masters  Not full time illness  live in Pakistan...
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
M-79379 23-Nov-2014
Male    UnMarried  39  years  Muslim  No Maslak Belief   Other   Urdu Speaking  Graduate in Bachelors  Disable but i can walk with out any sticks and do all my work by my self . just weakness and stiff muscles .  live in Karachi
Loving and caring . View Profile
M-79374 23-Nov-2014
Male    UnMarried  39  years  Muslim  Sunni   punjabi   Urdu Speaking  Graduate in Bachelors  Left hand fingers locked injured in accident minor disability  live in Karachi
I like the oppistre sex to be very frierndly and funny and should take life seri... View Profile
M-79336 22-Nov-2014
Male    Divorced  41  years  Muslim  Sunni     Punjabi Speaking  DAE in Electronics & Computer Hardware specialist in Diploma  I am disable from both legs and walk with the help of cratches. I have my own vehicle and do all my work easily.  live in Sialkot
I am honest,true and want to be honest,true life partner. Disability is not a cr... View Profile
M-79215 18-Nov-2014
Male    UnMarried  31  years  Muslim  Deobandi   Yousaf Zai   Pashto Speaking  MA (Previous only) in Masters  Slight limp in left leg, but this in no way disables him from walking or doing other things. He still drives and get things done. For details  live in Mardan
Partner does not have to be Pashto speaking but should be from a traditional fam... View Profile
M-79203 18-Nov-2014
Male    UnMarried  32  years  Muslim  Sunni   Malik Awan   Punjabi Speaking  Matric in Matric  Note disable but got broked on leg bone  live in Karachi
Im looking for a nice lady meybe 35 of age with decent heart jis ko risho ko nib... View Profile
F-79145 16-Nov-2014
Female    UnMarried  25  years  Muslim  Sunni   Sardar   Kashmiri Speaking  B.A pass in Bachelors  Normal  live in Muzaffarabad
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
F-78879 09-Nov-2014
Female    UnMarried  35  years  Muslim  Sunni   Gujjar   Punjabi Speaking  M.phil (speech language pathology) in MPhil  Only left leg has mascular weakness.(polio) use the clutches for movement  live in Khushab
Caring and loving as well as loyal View Profile
F-78809 07-Nov-2014
Female    UnMarried  23  years  Muslim  Sunni   Syed   Urdu Speaking  Middle in Below Matric  None  live in Lahore
... View Profile
M-77946 19-Oct-2014
Male    UnMarried  25  years  Muslim  Sunni   Jutt   Punjabi Speaking  BSc chemical Engineering in Engineer  Drop foot  live in Khushab
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
M-77933 19-Oct-2014
Male    UnMarried  29  years  Muslim  Sunni   Shaikh Siddiqui   Urdu Speaking  None in Below Matric  He is Deaf and Dumb  live in Lahore
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
M-77144 27-Sep-2014
Male    UnMarried  29  years  Muslim  Sunni   Shaikh   Punjabi Speaking  Msc in Masters  Weak eyesight I do every thing but do not drive  live in Pakistan...
Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View Profile
M-77079 25-Sep-2014
Male    UnMarried  31  years  Muslim       Urdu Speaking in Bachelors  Hand disablew  live in Hyderabad
Loving caring etc View Profile
M-76717 13-Sep-2014
Male    Khula  29  years  Muslim  Shia   Syed   Urdu Speaking  DAE,electronics in Diploma  Nothing  live in Gujrat
I know but i love girl who she love me nd marry me. View Profile
M-76083 28-Aug-2014
Male    UnMarried  28  years  Muslim  Sunni   Mughal   Urdu Speaking  Matric in Matric  I have a Polio.... Legs Problem  live in Sialkot
Caring and Loving View Profile
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