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M-12101     18-Nov-2009
  Married  34  Muslim  Sunni  Baloch  Baluchi Speaking MA live in  Quetta
  Beautiful. Profile View
M-12100     18-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  21  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Urdu Speaking B.S (Computer Science) live in  Sialkot
  I like simple, innocent, attractive and educated girl. She sincere and lova... Profile View
M-12098     18-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  22  Muslim  Sunni  Laghari  Urdu Speaking BSc Hons in Economics live in  Lahore
  Simple. Profile View
M-12097     18-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  30  Muslim  Sunni  Yousaf Zai  Urdu Speaking Con MSc live in  Karachi
  Good looking. Profile View
M-12087     18-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  35  Muslim  Sunni  Shaikh  Urdu Speaking B.Com live in  Karachi
  I want loving person. Profile View
M-12017     17-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  30  Muslim  Sunni    Urdu Speaking live in  Karachi
  Looking for suitable match. Profile View
M-12003     17-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  30  Muslim  Sunni    Urdu Speaking BA live in  Karachi
  Looking beautiful. Profile View
M-11945     16-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  22  Muslim  Sunni  Malik  Urdu Speaking B.Com live in  Karachi
  Beautiful. Profile View
M-11932     16-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  25  Muslim  Sunni  Syed  Urdu Speaking Graduate live in  Karachi
  Decent and loving person. Profile View
M-11927     16-Nov-2009
  Divorced  40  Muslim  Deobandi    Urdu Speaking Masters live in  Karachi
  She must be posses these qualities including; well educated, attractive, sm... Profile View
M-11919     16-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  27  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Punjabi Speaking B.Sc. (Hons) live in  Gujrat
  Sincere. Profile View
M-11913     16-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  25  Muslim  Sunni  Yousaf Zai  Urdu Speaking Graduation live in  Karachi
  Just simple and honest. Profile View
M-11912     16-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  32  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Punjabi Speaking Associate Engineering in Electrical Technology live in  Karachi
  A good and sincere life partner who resides abroad. Profile View
M-11906     16-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  29  Muslim  Shia    Urdu Speaking Bachelors live in  Karachi
  I am looking a good girl and she belong a good family background. She must ... Profile View
M-11890     16-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  25  Muslim  Sunni    Urdu Speaking Inter live in  Karachi
  Profile View
M-11874     16-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  28  Muslim  Sunni  Memon   Speaking Inter live in  Karachi
  Minimum middle or matric Sindh Looking for a life partner who is true, loving... Profile View
M-11856     15-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  22  Muslim  Deobandi    Baluchi Speaking BA(Hons) live in  Karachi
  I need nice person who take care of me and my family. Love me and my family... Profile View
M-11814     15-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  19  Christian  Other  Bhatti  Urdu Speaking 3rd Year Student In Nursing live in  Karachi
  I like fair colour with good thinking and well educated wife. Profile View
M-11805     14-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  35  Muslim  Sunni  Gujjar  Punjabi Speaking FSc live in  Riyadh
  She must be very nice. Profile View
M-11804     14-Nov-2009
  UnMarried  21  Muslim  Sunni  Ansari  Urdu Speaking Inter/Software Enginer live in  Lahore
  Only care my parents and me. Profile View
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