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M-95321     23-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  25  Muslim  Sunni  Pathan  Hindi Speaking Enter live in  Ghazipur
  Profile View
M-95319     23-Jul-2016
  Married  38  Muslim  Sunni  Afridi  Urdu Speaking Master live in  Pakistan
  Profile View
M-95313     22-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  29  Muslim  Sunni  Siddiqui  Urdu Speaking Masters live in  Karachi
  Doesnt Mater MBBS USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Australia... Profile View
M-95298     21-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  27  Muslim  Sunni  Yousuf zai  Pashto Speaking Engineering live in  Karachi
  Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Profile View
M-95296     21-Jul-2016
  Widower  40  Muslim  Sunni  Pirzada  Sindhi Speaking B.A, B.Ed live in  Karachi
  Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Profile View
M-95293     21-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  26  Muslim  Sunni  Yousaf Zai  Urdu Speaking Inter live in  Karachi
  Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, USA, Doesnt Mater Profile View
M-95289     21-Jul-2016
  Divorced  38  Muslim  Sunni  Malik Awan  Punjabi Speaking Mba live in  Dubai
  Malik Awan Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Tell u later Profile View
M-95288     21-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  24  Muslim  Sunni  Rajpoot  Punjabi Speaking Inter live in  Pakistan
  Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Only sincerity with me and love Profile View
M-95284     21-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  27  Muslim  Sunni  Malik  Urdu Speaking Bacholer Of Law. live in  Attock
  Malik MBBS/BDS, Punjab Calm, cool and soft attitude holds. Profile View
M-95280     20-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  24  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Urdu Speaking live in  Sialkot
  Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Only loves me cares me Profile View
M-95278     20-Jul-2016
  Married  44  Muslim  Shia  Alvi  Punjabi Speaking DAE live in  Pakistan
  Profile View
M-95277     20-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  25  No Religious Belief      Other Speaking PhD live in  Seoul
  Inter, Doesnt Mater Profile View
M-95274     20-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  28  Muslim  Sunni  Arain  Punjabi Speaking Matric live in  Vehari
  Profile View
M-95273     20-Jul-2016
  Divorced  32  Muslim  Sunni  Rana  Urdu Speaking MBBS, MOH, MRCP1 live in  Umul Quwain
  Doesnt Mater MBBS, MOH, MRCP1, Bacholers/Graduate, MBBS/BDS, Masters, Phd, Pak... Profile View
M-95272     20-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  34  Muslim  Sunni  Naqvi  Punjabi Speaking Becholar in Artd live in  Multan
  Profile View
M-95271     20-Jul-2016
  Divorced  29  Muslim  Sunni  Rajput  Urdu Speaking Bachelors live in  Hyderabad
  Profile View
M-95269     20-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  26  Muslim  Ahl-e-Hadees  Siddique  Urdu Speaking MBA live in  Rawalpindi
  Siddique Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Profile View
M-95266     19-Jul-2016
  Divorced  34  Muslim  Sunni  Gujjar  Punjabi Speaking Matric live in  Narowal
  punjabi, Matric, Punjab, Profile View
M-95255     19-Jul-2016
  Widower  26  Muslim  Sunni  Rajpoot  Urdu Speaking live in  Pakistan
  Profile View
M-95253     18-Jul-2016
  UnMarried  28  Muslim  Sunni  Chudhary  Urdu Speaking Bsc live in  Pakistan
  Doesnt Mater Masters, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Just edu Profile View
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