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indox   Membership Procedure (Via Email and Telephone) phone

Q.1:   How many types of membership are there?
Ans :   There are two types of membership: Free Membership and Paid Membership

1) Free Membership: No Fee: You can only receive messages from our Paid members.

2) Paid Membership: Three types: i) Email Membership ii) Full Membership. Full membership are 5 types.

a) Email Membership:  Membership fee for 9 months is Rs. 2000. You can send 50 proposals via email.
b) 3 Months Membership:  Membership fee for 3 months is Rs. 3000. You can send 50 proposals via email and have 15 contact numbers of required candidates during 3 months.
c) 6 Months Membership:  Membership fee for 6 months is Rs. 4000. You can send 100 proposals via email and have 25 contact numbers of required candidates during 6 months.
d) 9 Months Membership:  Membership fee for 9 months is Rs. 5000. You can send 150 proposals via email and have 35 contact numbers of required candidates during 9 months.

e) Overseas Pakistani:  Membership fee for 9 months is US$ 55. You can send 150 proposals via email and have 35 contact numbers of required candidates during 9 months.

Q.2:  How to pay fees?
Ans:  You can send fees in our online bank account. If you live outside Pakistan then you can pay via Western Union at our postal address.

Online Bank Account
Payee : Pak Rishta
A/C No: 1071-0981-002655-01-2
Bank AL Habib Limited
Block "L" N.Nazimabad Branch
Karachi, Pakistan

Western Union
(From Outside Pakistan)
US$ 50 at our postal address
For our postal address mail us at:

Q.3: Do you make every member as your “paid member”?

Ans: No! We do not make paid members to those men who are already married and living with their wives, even if they are allowed to get married second time from their first wife or they are about to give divorce to their first wife, or their wife is living in her parent’s house because of anger. We don’t make paid members to any kind of already married men in any case. If married men who have wife send us membership fees either via mail or western union, then we don’t accept this fee. If they transfer the fees into our bank account via online money transfer, then we don’t take responsibility to return it. So in all cases, think carefully if you already have wife and send you any membership fee via western union/mail/money gram or if you transfer it into our account, then we will not return that fee to you.

Q.4: Why don’t you make married men (who already have wives) “paid members”?
Ans: In past, we used to make married men as paid members. But whenever such candidates contacted the guardians of any unmarriaed female candidate via e-mail or call, the female candidate’s guardians got angry with us. They not only abused us but also they cancelled their registration. So due to this reason we stopped making married men our paid members. Furthermore, according to the Pakistani law, for second marriage a man should get a written permission from his first wife, while on internet we are unable to get written permission letter online from such candidates and we can’t endorse it.

Q.5:  Can married men (who already have wife) become a free member?
Ans: Yes! Married men can become our free members. They can also receive message from female candidates for free of cost.

Q.6: A paid membership can be cancelled or not?
Ans: Yes! If the paid member is found guilty for abusing or disturbing other members then paid membership can be cancelled anytime. After the cancellation of membership, the paid member can’t send proposal neither via e-mail nor he/she can get the contact number of other candidates. Fee of paid membership is non-refundable, so before submitting fee think carefully because if your membership gets cancelled once, then you can’t get it back.

Q.7: When will our membership convert in paid membership after sending fees?
Ans:  As soon as we get your fees, we will make you a paid member. We will inform you via email or sms about your paid membership. After that you can send proposals via email and can get contact numbers of other approved candidates as your membership package offer.

Q.8: I have registered my two daughters from the same membership, will i have to pay fees for both?
Ans:  No, You can take proposals for both from the same fees. For example you choose the package of Rs. 3000 in which you can send 50 emails and have 15 contact numbers. In this manner you can send 50 emails and can have 15 contact numbers for both of your daughters. As you can send 30 emails for one daughter and 20 for the other, so the total is 50. In same manner you can take 10 contact numbers for one and 5 for the second.

Q.9: What to do for any wrong/closed telephone number or the candidate get married?
Ans:  If the telephone closed, no one answer after repeated calls or you got the answer that the candidate got married then do inform us. We cancel the registeration of that candidate and replace the telephone number.

Q.10: What if the emails are not answered? Does the email id also replaced?
Ans:  No, We cannot insist anyone to answer. Our suggestion is that you should email only those persons whose requirements are match with you. Mostly those people are not answered by the candidates if they did not fulfill the requirements of the candidate. Matching of cast, family background, education, age should be consider before sending proposals or making phone calls.

Q.11: Do you confirm the information provided by candidates?
Ans:  No, It is the responsibility of both candidates to confirm the information of eachother. We do not know anyone personally, so we are not able to give any guarantee of anyone either the person is reliable or not. If we know that someone is not reliable or not give proper information then we cancel the registeration of that candidate.

Q.12: How will you provide the list of candidates contact number?
Ans:  For sending email, there is a button of 'Send Message' at the bottom of every profile. Click the button and it will open a new box, send the email via this box. For getting contact numbers every profile has a 'Get Phone Number' button, click the button and you will have the required contact number.

If you still have any problem  then call at

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