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M-92254 Last Login date: 12-Mar-2016
  UnMarried  26 years  Muslim Other Maslak Abro Marwari Speaking  Bca live in Mumbai Andorra
M-85156 Last Login date: 16-May-2015
  UnMarried  28 years  Hindu   Marwari Speaking  MPA live in Mirpurkhas Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Below Matric, Matric, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater View
M-68852 Last Login date: 01-Apr-2015
groom Photo Available   Married  37 years  Muslim No Maslak Belief Malik Marwari Speaking  Matric live in Karachi Pakistan
   Malik Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Sindh Nice an good View
M-72386 Last Login date: 29-Apr-2014
  UnMarried  29 years  Muslim Deobandi Kiyani Marwari Speaking  Mba live in Pakistan
M-71942 Last Login date: 20-Apr-2014
  Divorced  29 years  Muslim Sunni Pathan Marwari Speaking  Finance and accounting live in Lahore Pakistan
   Chohan, Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Hyderabad Dakkan, She is lovable and smart. View
M-69463 Last Login date: 19-Feb-2014
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim Sunni Rajput Marwari Speaking  I.T HONOURS  live in Hyderabad Pakistan
M-43203 Last Login date: 03-Feb-2012
  UnMarried  37 years  Hindu   Marwari Speaking live in Mirpurkhas Pakistan
   Middle None View
M-22237 Last Login date: 08-Jun-2010
  UnMarried  32 years  Muslim Sunni Other Marwari Speaking  B.Com live in Karachi Pakistan
   Graduate Foreign nationality holder. View
M-16391 Last Login date: 10-Jan-2010
  UnMarried  40 years  Muslim No Maslak Belief  Marwari Speaking  MA, LLB live in Islamabad Pakistan
   She should be good looking, nice, and caring. View
M-11380 Last Login date: 09-Nov-2009
  Married  51 years  Muslim Sunni Chohan Marwari Speaking  BA live in Karachi Pakistan
   My thing is real and beauty in soul not body. I believe only on Allah. I h... View

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