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M-74830 22-Jul-2014
  UnMarried  28 years  Muslim Sunni Sunni Hindi Speaking  Bachelor live in India
M-74818 22-Jul-2014
  UnMarried  28 years  Muslim Sunni Shaikh Hindi Speaking  Graduate live in India
M-74749 19-Jul-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  44 years  Muslim No Maslak Belief Mughal Hindi Speaking  D. Pharma, B.A. live in Bombay India
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Egypt, Doesnt Mater I wish to start a charitable Isl... View
M-74722 18-Jul-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  32 years  Hindu  Rajput Hindi Speaking  M SC  live in Nanded Maharashtra India India
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, other, Doesnt Mater Rich affluent and beautiful View
M-74708 18-Jul-2014
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim Sunni Rana Urdu Speaking  M.B.A. live in New Delhi India
M-74519 12-Jul-2014
  UnMarried  29 years  Muslim Deobandi Ansari Urdu Speaking  BA  live in Malegaon Dist.nashik India
   Doesnt Mater Alim/Alima, MBBS/BDS, Pakistan, Doesnt Mater View
M-74462 11-Jul-2014
  UnMarried  23 years  Muslim Sunni Ansari Urdu Speaking  Inter live in Dhule India
M-74419 09-Jul-2014
  UnMarried  20 years  Muslim Sunni  Urdu Speaking  Engineer live in Gulbarga India
   Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Bus achi seerat aur surat ho View
M-74343 07-Jul-2014
  UnMarried  22 years  Muslim Sunni Shaikh Urdu Speaking  other live in Banglore India
M-74076 29-Jun-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  26 years  No Religious Belief   English Speaking  Doctorate live in Delhi India
   Doesnt Mater MBBS/BDS, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Not Belife In a Realigions Me ... View
M-73700 18-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Deobandi Abbasi Urdu Speaking  B tech live in Muzaffarnagar India
   Abbasi B tech, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Honest, Namazi,Deendaar View
M-73675 17-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  22 years  Muslim Wahabi Khan Urdu Speaking  Others live in Gorakhpur India
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater View
M-73562 13-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  25 years  Muslim Sunni Shaikh Hindi Speaking  Graduate live in Delhi India
   Doesnt Mater, India, Looking Good. View
F-73552 12-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  28 years  Other religion   Sindhi Speaking  B com live in Nagpur India
M-73484 10-Jun-2014
groom Photo Available     27 years  Muslim Sunni Ansari Urdu Speaking  Diploma in instrument live in Jamshed Pur India
   Alim/Alima, on Waise Insaan ki khawahishaat to ajib-o-gareeb hoti h lkin use ... View
M-73379 07-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  24 years  Muslim   Punjabi Speaking  Graduate live in Lucknow India
M-73377 07-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  25 years  No Religious Belief   Urdu Speaking  Graduate live in Delhi India
   Bacholers/Graduate, India Delhi None muslim activity are not acceptable View
M-73338 05-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  29 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Urdu Speaking  Bachelors live in New Delhi India
M-73215 31-May-2014
  UnMarried  42 years  Muslim Shia Syed Urdu Speaking  Lawyer live in New Delhi India
   Syed Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater View
M-73138 28-May-2014
  UnMarried  32 years  Muslim Sunni Kashmiri Kashmiri Speaking  Diploma live in India
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