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M-68702 Last Login date: 20-Sep-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  30 years  Muslim Sunni Gujjar Punjabi Speaking live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Gujjar Masters, Punjab View
M-12259 Last Login date: 18-Sep-2014
  UnMarried  35 years  Muslim Sunni Siyal Punjabi Speaking  M.Sc Chemistry live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Good looking, smart and happy mode personality. View
M-44226 Last Login date: 12-Sep-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Sunni Rajput Punjabi Speaking  Graduation live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Rajput Graduation or More Simple ND sincere View
M-44574 Last Login date: 08-Aug-2014
  UnMarried  34 years  Muslim Sunni Arain Urdu Speaking  Chemical Engineering live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Must be well educated Must be well mannered and well educated. View
M-52808 Last Login date: 05-Aug-2014
  UnMarried  32 years  Muslim Sunni Rajput  Speaking  Qualification live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Needs a reliable and equal level life partner. View
M-60252 Last Login date: 27-Jul-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  39 years  Muslim Sunni Arain Punjabi Speaking  MBA (HR) live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, MBBS/BDS, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Doesnt Mat... View
M-74306 Last Login date: 24-Jul-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  39 years  Muslim No Maslak Belief Other Punjabi Speaking  BCS live in Faisalabad Pakistan
M-15919 Last Login date: 09-Jul-2014
  UnMarried  37 years  Muslim Sunni Arain Punjabi Speaking  Bachelors live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Slim, smart, beautiful, masters, financial strong and good house wife. View
M-74206 Last Login date: 03-Jul-2014
  UnMarried  24 years  Muslim Sunni Shaikh Punjabi Speaking live in Faisalabad Pakistan
M-54320 Last Login date: 02-Jul-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  36 years  Muslim No Maslak Belief Arain Punjabi Speaking  BS(IT) live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Well Educated Doesnt Mater Respectable View
M-39077 Last Login date: 27-Jun-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  29 years  Muslim Sunni Bhatti Punjabi Speaking  D.Com (Diploma in Commerce) live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Bachelor Degree Holder USA,United Kingdom,Canada,Australia,Croatia (Hrvatska),C... View
M-52552 Last Login date: 18-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  28 years  Muslim Sunni Arain Urdu Speaking  Qualification live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Matric Punjab View
M-52452 Last Login date: 11-Jun-2014
  Married  36 years  Muslim Deobandi Mughal Urdu Speaking  Qualification live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   NWFP View
M-52374 Last Login date: 09-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  28 years  Muslim Sunni Rajput Punjabi Speaking  Qualification live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Rajput View
M-52274 Last Login date: 09-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  28 years  Muslim Sunni Gujjar Punjabi Speaking  Qualification live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   F.A United Kingdom East Pakistan View
M-47733 Last Login date: 05-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  38 years  Muslim Sunni Gujjar Punjabi Speaking  Masters live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Gujjar Graduation or Masters Punjab View
M-51910 Last Login date: 04-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim Sunni Arain Urdu Speaking  Qualification live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Arain Graduation Punjab View
M-72981 Last Login date: 22-May-2014
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  26 years  Muslim Sunni Kamboh Punjabi Speaking  Dae (civil) + b-tech pass live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Kamboh Bacholers/Graduate, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Simple and honest parent... View
M-42586 Last Login date: 22-May-2014
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Sunni Shaikh Urdu Speaking  BA live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Sheikh B.A Punjab Good and simple. View
M-71599 Last Login date: 16-May-2014
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Sunni Arain Urdu Speaking  BSC TEXTILE ENGINEER live in Faisalabad Pakistan
   Arain Bacholers/Graduate, Punjab Good looking and simple View
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