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M-83902 Last Login date: 28-Jan-2017
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  34 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  MBA and MA IR live in Abbottabad Pakistan
   Jadoon, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater View
M-78416 Last Login date: 11-Jan-2017
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  28 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  MBA banking and finance live in Abbottabad Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, MBBS/BDS, Masters, USA, Doesnt Mater Love,sinc... View
M-94764 Last Login date: 17-Jun-2016
  Divorced  38 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  Masters live in Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Canada, A... View
M-94131 Last Login date: 14-May-2016
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Punjabi Speaking  Master in political science live in Swabi Pakistan
M-93677 Last Login date: 27-Apr-2016
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  Intermediate live in Abbottabad Pakistan
   Jadoon Inter, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Simple and straight .mind adjustment View
M-83792 Last Login date: 03-Feb-2016
groom Photo Available   UnMarried  26 years  Muslim Deobandi Jadoon Other Speaking  Master in commer/fiance live in Haripur Pakistan
M-92240 Last Login date: 23-Jan-2016
  Divorced  48 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Punjabi Speaking  MA  live in Rawalpindi Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, Punjab Caring Honest Sincere Household View
M-91769 Last Login date: 06-Jan-2016
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  BA live in Karachi Pakistan
M-90744 Last Login date: 26-Nov-2015
  UnMarried  29 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  Masters live in Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, I believe in mental compatibility View
M-88948 Last Login date: 09-Oct-2015
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  Matric live in Nawabshah Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater View
M-89196 Last Login date: 23-Sep-2015
  UnMarried  39 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  Graduate Hons Degree live in Islamabad Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Matric, Inter, Doesnt Mater View
M-87134 Last Login date: 20-Jul-2015
  UnMarried  32 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Urdu Speaking  MSc in Chemistery live in Rabigh Saudi Arabia
   Doesnt Mater MSc in Chemistery, MBBS/BDS, Masters, Pakistan, India, USA, United... View
M-81262 Last Login date: 21-Jan-2015
  UnMarried  33 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Pashto Speaking  Electrical engineer live in Swabi Pakistan
M-76214 Last Login date: 16-Jan-2015
  UnMarried  24 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  Doing bscs live in Abbottabad Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, United Arab Emirates, Doesnt Mater View
M-32223 Last Login date: 18-Dec-2014
  UnMarried  34 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Urdu Speaking  Masters live in Karachi Pakistan
   Must be honest about relation View
M-78125 Last Login date: 23-Oct-2014
  UnMarried  26 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Punjabi Speaking  Bcom live in Islamabad Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Nice and beautifull View
M-75225 Last Login date: 04-Aug-2014
  UnMarried  29 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  Masters in business live in Lahore Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater View
M-72390 Last Login date: 29-Apr-2014
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Urdu Speaking  Electrical Power Engineering live in Abbottabad Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Educated family/atleast 1-... View
M-71626 Last Login date: 14-Apr-2014
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim Sunni Jadoon Hindko Speaking  M.Sc physics live in Haripur Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, United Kingdom, Doesnt Mater Honest,sincere n ... View
M-68385 Last Login date: 05-Mar-2014
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim No Maslak Belief Jadoon Hindko Speaking  FSC live in Bari Italy
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