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F-52695 Last Login date: 19-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  46 years  Muslim Shia Syed Urdu Speaking  Qualification live in Karachi Pakistan
   Syed Sindh View
F-52316 Last Login date: 09-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  34 years  Muslim Shia  Urdu Speaking  Qualification live in Karachi Pakistan
   Masters Sindh View
F-52110 Last Login date: 05-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Shia Syed Urdu Speaking  Qualification live in Manchester United Kingdom
   Syed Professional Degree medicine View
F-73277 Last Login date: 05-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  36 years  Muslim Shia Shaikh Urdu Speaking  Masters live in Karachi Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Masters, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Doesnt Mater Flue... View
F-67731 Last Login date: 05-Jun-2014
  UnMarried  40 years  Muslim Shia Khokhar Punjabi Speaking  Bsc live in Sargodha Pakistan
F-73187 Last Login date: 30-May-2014
  UnMarried  30 years  Muslim Shia Syed Urdu Speaking  Bachelors live in White Plains USA
   Syed Bacholers/Graduate, USA Doesnt Mater View
F-72567 Last Login date: 21-May-2014
  UnMarried  28 years  Muslim Shia Rana Urdu Speaking  Bachelors live in Rawalpindi Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, MBBS/BDS, Masters, Phd, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Ma... View
F-51648 Last Login date: 14-May-2014
  UnMarried  33 years  Muslim Shia Zaidi Urdu Speaking  Qualification live in Lahore Pakistan
   Zaidi Masters Punjab View
F-72562 Last Login date: 13-May-2014
  UnMarried  30 years  Muslim Shia Syed Punjabi Speaking   M.A live in Lahore Pakistan
   Syed Alim/Alima, Bacholers/Graduate, MBBS/BDS, Doesnt Mater Punjab Loving , car... View
F-72340 Last Login date: 12-May-2014
  UnMarried  30 years  Muslim Shia  Seraiki Speaking  Matric live in Hyderabad Pakistan
   Matric, Sindh View
F-39135 Last Login date: 11-May-2014
  UnMarried  33 years  Muslim Shia Bukhari Punjabi Speaking  MBA live in Lahore Pakistan
   Naqvi Masters Punjab Loving, caring and responsible and sincere View
F-72555 Last Login date: 07-May-2014
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Shia Syed Sindhi Speaking  Uneducated live in Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Pakistan, Doesnt Mater View
F-61569 Last Login date: 30-Apr-2014
  UnMarried  41 years  Muslim Shia Alvi Urdu Speaking  B.A live in Karachi Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater, Doesnt Mater Sindh Shia, Simple, mature, independent... View
F-64839 Last Login date: 29-Apr-2014
  UnMarried  32 years  Muslim Shia  Punjabi Speaking  FA live in Rawalpindi Pakistan
   MBBS/BDS, Punjab View
F-66327 Last Login date: 23-Apr-2014
  UnMarried  24 years  Muslim Shia Other Urdu Speaking  Olevels live in Karachi Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Inter, Bacholers/Graduate, Masters, Doesnt Mater View
F-71673 Last Login date: 21-Apr-2014
  UnMarried  30 years  Muslim Shia Naqvi Urdu Speaking  M.A English live in Lahore Pakistan
F-71819 Last Login date: 20-Apr-2014
  Khula  48 years  Muslim Shia Baloch Urdu Speaking  F.Sc live in Lodhran Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Inter, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater View
F-64685 Last Login date: 17-Apr-2014
  UnMarried  24 years  Muslim Shia Syed Punjabi Speaking  Ba live in Pakistan
   Syed MBBS/BDS, United Kingdom, Punjab good boy View
F-71760 Last Login date: 17-Apr-2014
  Khula  44 years  Muslim Shia Rajput Urdu Speaking  Masters live in Oman
   Rajput Bacholers/Graduate, Sincere, Respectfull, Responsible View
F-71574 Last Login date: 12-Apr-2014
  Married  39 years  Muslim Shia Mughal Punjabi Speaking  Masters live in Islamabad Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Can... View
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