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F-89902 Last Login date: 25-Oct-2015
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Hindi Speaking  P.hD. live in Allahabad India
   Syed Masters, Phd, Doesnt Mater View
F-80211 Last Login date: 07-Oct-2015
  UnMarried  25 years  Muslim  Syed Urdu Speaking  Masters in english&B;Ed live in Lahore Pakistan
   Syed Masters, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Must belong to sunni syed family and ha... View
F-76102 Last Login date: 02-Oct-2015
  Divorced  32 years  Muslim  Syed Punjabi Speaking  Intermediadte live in Wahcantt Pakistan
   Syed Matric, Doesnt Mater Punjab View
F-89178 Last Login date: 22-Sep-2015
  UnMarried  29 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Urdu Speaking  Msc med live in Lahore Pakistan
F-88954 Last Login date: 13-Sep-2015
  UnMarried  26 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Urdu Speaking  MSc live in United Kingdom
   Syed Bacholers/Graduate, United Kingdom Doesnt Mater View
F-76029 Last Login date: 12-Sep-2015
  UnMarried  28 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Urdu Speaking  M.A (Mass Communication) live in Lahore Pakistan
   Syed Masters, Bacholers/Graduate, MBBS/BDS, Masters, Phd, Punjab View
F-65576 Last Login date: 06-Sep-2015
  UnMarried  26 years  Muslim Shia Syed Urdu Speaking  Bachelors live in Lahore Pakistan
   Syed Masters, Doesnt Mater He should belong to a good family background and sh... View
F-88593 Last Login date: 02-Sep-2015
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim No Maslak Belief Syed Urdu Speaking  MBBS live in Multan Pakistan
   Syed Bacholers/Graduate, Doesnt Mater Educated, hardworking and a decent perso... View
F-88454 Last Login date: 01-Sep-2015
  UnMarried  31 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Urdu Speaking  M.b.a(I.T) live in Islamabad Pakistan
   Syed United Kingdom, Doesnt Mater View
F-12121 Last Login date: 26-Aug-2015
  UnMarried  34 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Punjabi Speaking  Masters of Informatin Technology live in Gujrat Pakistan
   Educated and professional. Must be Syed Sunni, friendly and who want to do ... View
F-25479 Last Login date: 24-Aug-2015
  UnMarried  37 years  Muslim No Maslak Belief Syed Punjabi Speaking  Masters live in Islamabad Pakistan
   Syed Masters Should be kind and simple. View
F-87459 Last Login date: 17-Aug-2015
  UnMarried  23 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Punjabi Speaking  Master in english live in Lahore Pakistan
F-88002 Last Login date: 17-Aug-2015
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim Shia Syed Punjabi Speaking  Electrical Engineering  live in Okara Pakistan
   Syed Doesnt Mater Punjab View
F-83028 Last Login date: 10-Aug-2015
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim Shia Syed Punjabi Speaking  B.A live in Pakistan
F-80979 Last Login date: 07-Aug-2015
  UnMarried  27 years  Muslim Shia Syed Punjabi Speaking  Pharm D Pharmacist live in Pakistan
   Syed other, Bacholers/Graduate, Masters, Phd, Punjab Simple, mature, Decent, r... View
F-87587 Last Login date: 06-Aug-2015
  UnMarried  37 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Urdu Speaking  B.A live in Karachi Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, Doesnt Mater Sindh Sharifunnafs sharmuhaya se... View
F-84482 Last Login date: 19-Jul-2015
  UnMarried  40 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Punjabi Speaking  Masters live in Wah Cantt Pakistan
   Syed Bacholers/Graduate, MBBS/BDS, Masters, Phd, Doesnt Mater Punjab Truthful View
F-78296 Last Login date: 16-Jul-2015
  UnMarried  25 years  Muslim Shia Syed Punjabi Speaking  F.A live in Lahore Pakistan
   Syed Bacholers/Graduate, MBBS/BDS, Masters, Doesnt Mater Punjab Well educated s... View
F-86931 Last Login date: 15-Jul-2015
  Khula  31 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Hindko Speaking  Msc live in Pakistan
   Doesnt Mater Bacholers/Graduate, Doesnt Mater Doesnt Mater Should be caring and... View
F-86993 Last Login date: 15-Jul-2015
  UnMarried  26 years  Muslim Sunni Syed Punjabi Speaking I.T live in Lahore Pakistan
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