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Inteligence Quotient Test In Urdu With Answer In Pakistan

An intelligence quotient or IQ test is a test to measure intelligence. A little intelligent test in Urdu is taken for you. There are 40 IQ test questions and answers are related to general knowledge, paheli, science, mathematics that helps in preparing in your entrance test. Do not look at the answers found at the bottom of the page that would be cheating. First answers all the questions verbally, and then check your answers given below Good Luck.

Check out some sample questions given below

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Your Intelligence Test in Urdu
Islamic IQ Test in Urdu

Easy General Knowledge

Amaizing and Different IQ Question and Answer Sports IQ Test in Urdu Difficult IQ Test
Test IQ - 001 Test IQ - 002 Test IQ - 004 Test IQ - 005
Test IQ - 006 Test IQ - 007 Test IQ - 003 Test IQ - 009 Test IQ - 010
Test IQ - 011 Test IQ - 012 Test IQ - 008 Test IQ - 014 Test IQ - 015
Basic IQ Test in Urdu Scientific IQ Test in Urdu Test IQ - 013 Urdu Story IQ Questions and Answres Maths IQ test
Test IQ - 016 Test IQ - 017 Test IQ - 018 Test IQ - 020
Test IQ - 021 Test IQ - 022 Test IQ - 023 Test IQ - 019 Test IQ - 025
Easy Urdu IQ Test Mathmatics IQ Test in Urdu Difficult General Knowledge IQ Test Test IQ - 024 General Knowledge IQ
Test IQ - 026 Test IQ - 027 Test IQ - 028 Test IQ - 029 Test IQ - 030
Test IQ - 031 Test IQ - 032 Test IQ - 033 Test IQ - 034 Test IQ - 035
Test IQ - 036 Test IQ - 037 Test IQ - 038 Test IQ - 039 Test IQ - 040
Continued from top >> Most people are familiar with the concept of an IQ Test, but not too many know that there are actually several different ways of measuring intelligence. One method of measurement is verbal in which we use words and language to examine how smart you are. If your answers are 80% correct then your result becomes very good. For 70% correct answers you need to improve knowledge, then again test your IQ level.
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