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Skin Color One American wondering about Indians skin color that why their skin colors are not same.
Professor's First Lecture Shhh.. walk slowly during lecture, the class will wakeup.
Jumping Car Traffic Policeman is looking astonish by seeing Jumping Car , Who is Driving the Car?
Jerk Curry Did U ever try Jerk Curry to make your Husband obedient? Believe it or not, it works .. :P
Mulla Nasiruddin's Stupidity What Mulla is doing At Coconut tree?
Best way to lose weight One Hippie wanted to loose weight.. Check out what he did..
 Precious Art work The painting took 5 years to sell.. Why?
Allam Iqbal's sense of Humor What Allama replied when her daughter told about dogs to him?
Mental Professor What did Professor ate while walking?
Monkey Joke What did Nayyar do with Monkey?
Heaven's Rusk What will you respond if angels bring Rusk to you for every meal?
Tomatoes An Interesting conversation between beggar and man.
Bank Robber The woman screamed with joy when Robber tried to threat her with Pistol .. Why?
Smile Please Would U like to wear Cap while taking photographs?
Allama Iqbal's Super Jokes Find out Allama Iqbal's sense of humor.
Mental Professor 2 Find out various funny jokes about sense less Professor.
Excellent Question What did Gambler reply to Policeman during investigation?
For Girl The Boy left everything for a girl in love, but why didn't he marry to her?
In search of What was an old man searching in Snow?
Fast Driving A good joke about Immature Driver.
Artist's Obedient Servant An obedient servant was busy in wiping off spider's net for several hours.
Political Jokes Some Good jokes about Politics and Allama Iqbal.
Psychologist Joke A nice reply to Professor's Question about Donkey's Drink.
Killer Joke A man killed her wife but only passed six weeks on Jail as punishment.. see what happened next.
Approval of Dignity One Politician telling people about his dignity and piousness, check out others reply.
Adult Content Book Teacher restricted Islamia College students not to read the book "Gai the Moispian" but ..
Love Letter or List of Jahaiz? Check out how innocently he is demanding about Jahaiz.
Artist Stupid Jokes Mirror Mirror on the wall.
Ghalib's Awesome Jokes Check out Ghalib's witty/naughty sense of humor
Stop the Baby Boy Look why Professor is worrying for his child.
Wrong timing of Respect Sometimes respects can make you dead.
Passenger's Dog All Travelers should follow the same rules.
Just one man Cricketer is demanding about one person to give him one man to follow the scenario.
Smoke, live younger and healthy life Company is claiming that you will live young and healthy life after smoking.. why?
Child's Innocent reply Volunteer asking little girl that from which party his belongs.. check out her cute reply.
How Heathen he is? Sir Syed's argument with pope about existence of God.
Absent mind Professor Check out another stupidity of absent mind professor.
Police man's Claim Why did Police man beat the passengers in the bus?
Damn on Drink. An interesting conversation between Man and Judge.
Saving Style New saving styles for maintaining your home budget.
Clever Soldier Sometimes one sentence can change the whole picture.
Skillful candidate required Which qualities should be present in skillful and patient employee.
On cobbler's request Akbar Ala abadi's funny stanza on cobbler shop.
Absent Minded Husband and Wife Funniest Joke of Husband and wife you ever read
Officer's Blessing What the prisoner replied to officer when he asked to him about his family.
Conversation between American and European An interesting verbal fight between American and European.
Business News Check out Business News with humorous touch.
First Lie What was your first  biggest lie of your life?
Fooling Around He rejected the boy who just wanted to marry his daughter not for the sake of money .. why?
Poet Jokes Some awe-inspiring jokes by well known Poets of past.
Sweet Revenge Learn how to take revenge from some stupid callers.
Police Jokes Splendid Police Jokes, check out how brainless some Police officers are.
 Low Advertising How some children figure out the meaning of Advertisement.
My Daughter's Future Remarkable arguments between in-laws.
Benefits of Tape recorder Little girl is defining benefits of tape recorder to her mother.
An Interview Who is Mad between both of us?
Josh's Jokes Some fantastic Jokes of Josh Maleeh abadi (the poet).
Mother-in-law and Bulldog Who is more dangerous among them?
Power Why two mouse did not afraid from Lion?
Sober Groom Sometimes being a sober person is not good among gathering.
Artist's Joke Whose Painting is more real? Splendid conversation between three artists.
Professor's Review it doesn't matter much if the procedure of cure is allopathic or homeopathic because ....
Check of Truth Nice way to check out someone's true nature.
Well Done More Poet's jokes are on the way.
Clever Mother Nice way to awake her child for School.
Cold Drink. Lion also likes Cold Drink.. and some more good jokes.
Chatty women How to make their mouth shut.
 Lady's Suicide Checkout what was the reason of beautiful lady's suicide.
Miscellaneous Some interesting short jokes.

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