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Jokes create smile on your face. There are lots of Pakistani Jokes in Urdu language; you can share all these jokes with your friends and family because there are no Sexy, Dirty and Adult jokes and sms. Urdu funny jokes, funny sms jokes and Pakistani jokes.
These Jokes wake you up every morning happily to be alive, with a smile on your face and ready to attack the world. Your life becomes better if you read these jokes. Here I won't charge you a cent! Your smile is my reward.

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Urdu Jokes are short stories or ironic depiction of a situation communicated with the intent of being humorous. Urdu Funny Jokes are mainly written by Pakistani and Indian writer. As Urdu is national language of Pakistan so Urdu jokes are also called Pakistani Urdu jokes. After the popularity of mobile phone Pakistani people send Urdu funny sms and jokes to their friends. On  internet there are huge collection of Urdu jokes and Urdu funny sms. In this website you will find Urdu jokes in gif image format. Most of the website on iternet also display Urdu Jokes in Urdu fonts too.

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